Development Finance

Deal agreed for development of 8×6 bedroom detached houses:

  • Deal to be done in 3 phases with phase one being the land purchase and build of first 3
  • Land value of £1.5M with 60% being lent against this ie £900k and then 66.5% being lent against the development costs of £1.6M ie £1,064,000
  • Total debt on phase 1 is £1.964M against end value of £4M
  • Interest roll up agreed and facility termed over 12 months
  • Main condition of loan was that at least one of the first 3 properties was sold and contracts had exchanged
  • Phase 2 & 3 also agreed and total debt will be in the region of £4.5M


Purchase of commercial workshop & warehouse. This was being purchased from the administrator of the former trading company, which were renting the premises back to the new trading company on a short term licence:

  • Each of the shareholders of the new trading business, which had 9 months profitable trading under it’s belt, illustrated by monthly management accounts, had sufficient value in their SIPP’s to purchase the property through the 2 pension funds along with the 50% loan from the Bank allowable under the Inland revenue rules.
  • Purchase price £500000, loan amount £186000. 15 year repayment term. Interest B + 3%
  • Loan conditional upon a new FRI commercial lease to be drawn up between the new trading company & the SIPP

Property Investment Finance

£375000 term loan agreed against 5 unencumbered residential investment properties:

  • The funds were required to provide a deposit toward the purchase of a block of 18 tenanted flats. The purchase price was £910000 and the flats were providing rental income of £112300 pa.
  • A loan for the balance of the purchase price, £535000 was also sourced to enable the client to complete on the purchase and grow his property portfolio thereby significantly increasing his rental income stream.

Second Property investment case study:

  • Clients owns a parade of 3 unencumbered retail units, all let on FRI commercial leases.
  • We raised a long term investment loan of £250000 over an 8 year term to repay his residential mortgage and provide additional funds to complete the build of a new house for himself & his wife’s retirement.

Re-Banking Cash Flow Facility

Demolition contractors who had been established 14 years:

  • £40000 overdraft facility in place with the existing company Bank and previously only very lightly used.
  • As a result of the downturn in the property market & construction industry during 2009, profits had reduced and they had become a little more reliant upon the overdraft facility.
  • Cashflow forecast through 2010 showed a peak borrowing requirement of £140000 in April 2010 coming back into the black toward the end of the year & continuing in credit during 2011.
  • Their order book was full & work in progress had certainly picked up although on paper their aged debtor list was very low.
  • We obtained a full re-banking package for them with an initial overdraft limit of £140000 for 6 months, reducing down to £70000 on an ongoing basis.
  • Interest rate B +3%. Arrangement fee 1.5%
  • Security was a Debenture + Directors PG’s supported by a second charge over their own dwelling house.

Commercial Mortgage

Client looking to purchase a Kennel & Cattery business for his wife & daughter to run. He was 50% shareholder in a successful mobility scooter sales company:

  • Purchase price £895000 to include goodwill & living accommodation.
  • He had already approached his existing company Bank Manager to put a deal together for the purchase.
  • We were introduced a number of weeks after his own Bank Manager had started looking at the deal and were asked to put an alternative proposal together.
  • £500000 loan agreed within 7 days of first meeting the client, deal signed up and the valuer went out to view the property within another week.
  • 15 year loan term, with repayments on a 20 year repayment profile initially to keep monthly commitments down in the first couple of years to ease cashflow.
  • Interest rate Base + 2.75%. Arrangement fee 1.5%.
  • Everything was completed to the client’s entire satisfaction within 6 weeks of the initial introduction to ourselves.

Client introduced to us after having been let down by their own Bank after having banked with them for almost 40 years:

  •  Building new commercial warehouse & office premises on their existing site.
  • Loan of £1.5m agreed to cover the build costs, drawn in tranches as required.
  • End value of the commercial premises was in excess of £3m. 12 month initial interest only period was agreed, to keep costs down during the build phase with an overall loan term of 15 years

Confidential Invoice Discounting

Invoice Finance:

  • Client looking to save money by refinancing an existing factoring deal which was put in place quickly 12 months earlier when he was purchasing the business back following an administration.
  • £500000 credit limit against the debtor book providing the company significant annual savings which ultimately provided additional bottom line profits by moving the finance to a more cost effective lender.

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